Scott Salling has been one of Vancouver’s elite personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches for almost 10 years. He has always had a passion for helping others in any capacity, whether it is through fitness, volunteer work or coaching. The message he loves to convey is, “we must pay it forward.” Scott’s lifelong mission has been to find his purpose, to help motivate and inspire others to do things they never thought they could imagine. Scott has always been passionate about sustainable health and wellness as well as athletics. Over the past 10 years Scott has combined his passion and purpose to help others achieve new heights through weight loss, motivation and athletic development.

        Scott is a well decorated athlete. He attended Terry Fox Secondary where he obtained two scholarships, for both baseball and football. After originally choosing to attend College on a baseball scholarship right out of high school, after two years he then made a decision to dedicate his time and transition to the gridiron. He then spent time with prestigious clubs such as the Okanagan Sun, UBC Thunderbirds and BC Lions throughout his football career. Athletic success in the Salling family does not just reside with Scott, his sister Jenn is a former division 1 softball All American Short Stop for the Washington Huskies; she also attended the Olympics as a member of Team Canada in 2008.  Scott’s family has always put the emphasis on the message of “being a good person first and an athlete second,” a message that has stuck with him since the youngest of ages. Post athletics, Scott has taken his experiences in sports and a passion for team to the fitness industry, where he merges the two passions to uplift and connect people through a positive team environment.

        Scott has been a BCRPA certified trainer since 2008 and is an International Sport Science Association (ISSA) registered Strength and conditioning specialist. Almost 20 years of experience in training, combined with being highly educated in kinesiology and biomechanical movement, make for a winning combination for clients of any physical level looking to make a lifestyle change or improve their athletic game.

        Scott dedicates his life to serving and helping others and takes great pride in helping anyone break through barriers both mentally and physically. He often tells his clients, “we do it together and we build strength in numbers. I’ll stand in your corner for as long as it takes.” Scott’s passion for fitness and giving is contagious. His energy and positivity set him above the crowd and really bring out the best in anyone he reaches. Scott believes that success brings value to the individual and that significance is when you bring value to others.  Scott’s mission is to help you grow as an individual and to achieve an all-encompassing change from a mental and physical capacity.

        With his commitment to the F.I.T. Academy vision, Scott believes anyone can achieve what they desire, whether it be a goal that begins with weight loss or the goal of a young athlete looking to obtain a scholarship or take his/her game to the next level. Here is to big dreams and big changes. Make today the day that you make a declaration to stand up for your dreams, your health and your future.