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Hardships do not define us.

They create who we are destined to be.


Welcome to F.I.T. Lifestyle online

F.I.T. Lifestyle is F.I.T Academy’s online health connection located Facebook. Do you believe you are unique? F.I.T. Lifestyle is for those who believe in getting the edge. We’re closing the gap on distance and creating a platform for collaboration and connection.

Looking for quick, and healthy recipes?

Keeping it simple, and getting amazing results that are long lasting is what we’re about. Get all of our best recipes, and put your spin on them to please your palate.

In need of a nutrition plan?

Let’s get you jumpstarted! Whether your goal is to burn fat, build lean muscle, or increase your energy our plans are designed to guide, and empower you in the right direction. And when it gets tough, that is when we shine and the F.I.T. Lifestyle connection pays dividends.


Mom’s are our greatest leaders. But, all great leaders could use a hand. Whether it is nutritional help for the kids, the husband or just an at home workout for you, we’ve got you covered. Mom’s have the toughest jobs out there, and we want to be the health support team that you’ve been in search for.

are todays diets too confusing?

Keto, Atkins, paleo, intermittent fasting, slow carb. Where does one start? We believe that clarity is power. With our open forum, ask the professionals questions that you, and your friends have been wondering about. Quick tip? Hormones. Ask us more on the F.I.T. Lifestyle online community site.

Finding that big gyms are not for you?

Membership based gyms are not for everyone. But, that should not stop you. We specialize in safe, effective training methods that can be applied anywhere no matter the space, injury, or fitness level. Very minimal equipment is needed to get a great workout. Connect with today an at home workout that fits you, and your needs.

do you travel for work?

We have clients who are always on the move. We know how challenging that can be. F.I.T. Lifestyle is there to keep on track with your health and fitness goals no matter where you are. Hotel workouts, and healthy dine out options are at your fingertips. Stay connected, and stay on track.

want tips on how to guide your family to a healthier tomorrow?

We want to create a healthier community for our youth, and the leaders of tomorrow. Why? To build their confidence, and self worth so they can thrive in this life. Give your family the best by getting connected with professionals who have faced adversity, triumphed, and who are looking to give back to you, and the next generation. Our philosophy? Give more….Simple.

Connection with a purpose

F.I.T. Lifestyle is a one time sign up only! No reoccurring fees, or add on costs. Once you’re in you’re in for a lifetime. Get our best, stay ahead of the curve and thrive for a lifetime for only $200. No more apps, no more wasted time or money. Get connected with F.I.T. Lifestyle today!