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Top Coach Program

Great decisions make great leaders.

Learn. Grow. Inspire.

Are you a Fitness Professional who is looking to:

  • Build confidence in areas of training, and how to lead your clients effectively?

  • Learn more about the fitness industry?

  • See how a professional environment is run?

  • Develop your craft as a fitness pro?

  • Start your own business? We can help you get organized and save on costs

  • Gain insight on how to provide world class customer service to your clientele? Amaze your fan base by learning the “little things” that go a long way.

  • Develop your confidence in an interview for the job you are seeking?

We wanted to shine a bright light for dedicated health professionals. We were taught to give back. That’s what we’re inspired to do.”

raising the bar of the fitness industry

As our mentors have taught us. The key to developing trust, and connection is to give it. Our goal is to make our professionals an asset to the fitness industry. We want you to be confident in any environment. Whether you desire to be a successful personal trainer, group fitness leader, spin instructor, or strength and conditioning coach we will show what it will take to start your career off right. Success is within the details, and our professionals have been locally, and nationally recognized in the health and fitness industry. The F.I.T. Team is ready to lead. The only question is…

Are you ready to succeed?


  • The opportunity to be a special guest and be apart of a professional training environment

  • Shadow hours when it fits into your schedule

  • Get trained by the pros, and learn more about their niche

  • A F.I.T. Academy uniform. We want you to feel like you’re a big part of the team

  • Freedom to ask the professionals questions

  • Book in individual, or group meetings with the pros to gain insight into the fitness industry, and how you can grow

  • Mock interviews

  • The opportunity to get to know clients so you can be more comfortable moving forward in your career

I have reinvented myself, and my career at F.I.T. I’ve been in many different environments, but I know now more than ever how important it is to have fun, and create a place where everyone can feel like they are a part of a family.
— Liz Naccarato - NACC FITNESS
When I started out in the fitness industry, it became quite clear that I had to surround myself around people who had more experience, otherwise I was goin to have short career. As professionals, if we aren’t continuously learning, elevating our game and goal setting, how we can ask our clients to do the same?
— Scott Salling - Voted Canada's top trainer in IMPACT Magazine

Testimonials from the Professionals

F.I.T. Academy is an all inclusive environment, where not only do you grow physically with the expert trainers Scott and Liz, but they give you tools to succeed outside the gym. As someone who personally trained clients out of their facility, the environment is next to none. Not only did I feel like family, the education and knowledge I gained is up to date, scientific and unbias. If you are looking for a training facility that does it all F.I.T. Academy would be my choice!
— Corrie James - ACE Certified PT

Liz and Scott have been two major influencers and advisors for me as a new personal trainer in the industry. They’re not only super supportive and encouraging with real knowledge and experience - they’re genuinely interested in helping other trainers and wanting to see them succeed. They go above and beyond.

I would highly suggest anyone in the industry to seek out the FIT Academy for a great space for trainer learning and further education. Great space and great vibes!

I invested into my career by signing up for the Top Trainer Coaching program with Scott and Liz. It was a complete eye opener! Scott provided me with a concise, systematic approach to getting more clients, as well as how to be effective with retaining them. Scott and Liz are amazing trainers but even better people! If you’re wanting to learn more about how to get more clients I highly recommend the Top Trainer Coaching program at F.I.T. Academy.
— Brennan Brazeal - Owner of B Fit

FIT Academy is an incredible environment of encouragement, support and genuine care for the members, and the online community is as welcoming and interactive as the gym itself.

Scott and Liz consistently go above and beyond in their support, both on and offline, with incredible patience and most importantly, no judgement.
— Julie Clegg - Author of 'How to become a World Class Investigator'