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F.I.T. Academy

Your Vibe. Your Tribe.


Lifestyle Performance Training with a Purpose

Hardships do not define who we are. We believe hardships create who we become. Imagine a world free of judgment, expectation, and rich in compassion. Your health, fitness level, mental health and overall development as a person, athlete, and professional is our purpose.

F.I.T. Academy is home that is designed to lead the bold. Ones who believe that personal development, growth, education, and integrity are the foundations of not only a successful person, but a successful business, community, and most importantly a family. Our 5 performance pillars are exercise, nutrition, rest/relaxation, sleep quality, and goal setting. We evaluate and discuss these pillars so we can help you be the best you each and everyday.

Through adversity and compassion our leaders have stood tall, and produced over 20 years of success stories in the health and fitness industry. Always remembering that creating lifestyle is a journey and not a destination. F.I.T. Academy embodies our purpose, our dreams, and our desire of collaborating with you, your family or your business.

Welcome to a new era. Welcome to F.I.T. Academy.

Our Passion Service

Personal Training

We believe that health is our greatest wealth. But, we know that taking the first step can be challenging. Whether you are new to exercise, looking to build more muscle, recover from an injury, develop full body strength, burn fat, build your core, or increase your athletic performance, we have the experience you are looking for. Work with our committed, and certified professionals who custom design the training program you deserve. We specialize in 1 on 1, and doubles training to provide you with the intimacy and detail you’re looking for. Book in your complimentary Full body assessment today. Valued at $150.

nutrition plans

Are you looking to burn fat, gain more energy, educate your family, business, or sports team on the benefits of creating healthy eating habits? Get connected with our certified nutritionists to help you gain more clarity, and empower you to make the little changes that are needed to be successful. It’s not about restriction, its about education, and creating a healthy mindset. Our goal is to put you in control of your destiny while creating a lifestyle that works for you. No fads, no gimmicks. All education, compassion, and connection.

We’re online! JOIN F.I.T. LIFESTYLE

Do you travel for work? Are you a busy mom, or dad who is short on time? Do you enjoy dining out, and looking to stay on track with your goals? Are you looking for quick, delicious and healthy recipes? F.I.T. Lifestyle is our online platform that provides the solutions and connection you are looking for. Connection, and accountability are huge keys to success. It’s professional training and nutrition at your fingertips. Receive all of our best customized content online when you join F.I.T. Lifestyle. Contact Membership@Fitlifestyle.biz to receive more detailed information.


Are you a certified personal trainer who is looking to connect, and develop as a professional? Are you looking to build your clientele base, and build your confidence as a health professional? Connect and inquire about our mentorship program that is designed to make you an asset and a leader in the fitness industry. We believe in giving back. This program is all about your development, and helping you grow into the professional you desire to be. Why? Because when you are thriving, together we can help more and more people succeed with their health and fitness goals.

atHLETIC specifics

Developing our craft as an athlete is all about the fundamentals, our commitment, being a world class teammate, and hunger. As athletes it is important to work with those who walk the walk and have experience areas of leadership, speed, explosiveness, athleticism, and strength. Contact us, and get started on raising your bar as a student/athlete and work with our certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Scott Salling. Book in your complimentary Full Body analysis at SallingFitAcademy@gmail.com and start the process of getting the edge on the competition.

We are located in the beautiful Tri-Cities


1750 McLean Avenue Unit 6, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 1M9