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F.I.T. Academy provides a multifaceted training and education centre. I have been lucky to train with Scott. I came to F.I.T. academy without having ever been to a gym. Scott is so positive and full of so much information and support that despite being new to it, I never felt uncomfortable and quickly felt like this was something I had been doing for years.
— Maryna O - O'NEILL lAW llp

I was introduced to F.I.T Academy and the wonderful personal trainer, Liz Nacc through a friend then attended a Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce Kick Start Event they held. I was very impressed with their clean, top notch facility and personalities of the trainers. I immediately looked into training options. While I’ve increased my fitness level this past year, I wanted to take it up to the next level with increasing my core strength and light weight training.
— Andrea H - Non profit owner

Liz and Scott have been two major influencers and advisors for me as a new personal trainer in the industry. They’re not only super supportive and encouraging with real knowledge and experience - they’re genuinely interested in helping other trainers and wanting to see them succeed. They go above and beyond. I would highly suggest anyone in the industry to seek out the FIT Academy for a great space for trainer learning and further education. Great space and great vibes!
— Charlotte, BCRPA Certified PT

Scott has been training me for many years now. I’m someone who doesn’t love working out, but Scott always keeps me motivated. As I go through the ups and downs in life, like we all do, he always manages to keep me on track and pushing forward! I look forward to my training days and always have some laughs while I’m there! I’m eternally greatful for the added perspective of “Life Balance
— Candace W - Mortgage Broker

Liz and Scott are awesome at what they do and the atmosphere is great. I would highly recommend F.I.T. Academy to anyone.
— Lisa R

I have been working out with Scott on and off for about two years now. As an ex-athlete, I came to him with several pre-existing injuries/areas of concern. In addition to helping me navigate around these old injuries, he continued to provide invaluable support and expertise through my pregnancy a few months later. Because of him, I had essentially zero pain or mobility issues throughout my pregnancy, and physically recovered very quickly after delivery.If you’re looking for a trainer who has a deep understanding of human kinetics, focuses heavily on establishing a good physical and educational foundation to build upon (rather than push “flashy” fad exercises and diets), and who takes his own personal growth and development just as seriously as his clients’, then Scott is your guy.
— Joyce K

I’ve just started with FIT Academy in February because of Liz! I don’t know that I would have the motivation, success or discipline with anyone else. She’s always encouraging, positive and varies each workout and session to keep me interested and of course maximize weight training. I’m also someone who loves cardio so she incorporates that in my sessions as well. I really like that my goals are always being supported in a healthy way and there have been numerous times where Liz has been there to guide nutrition, supplements and anything else I need to sustain a healthy lifestyle. I’m very happy with my experience with Liz and Fit Academy!
— Porcha Z - barista Sales

The Team is super smart, able to relate, and provides lots of encouragement!
— Chris S - Paramedic

Liz is amazing and seriously motivating. She’s one of my favourite coaches/instructors/leaders of all time. She’s genuine, legit and the real deal. Her passion for her people - both her clients and her team - is obvious and she gives her all every time.
— Emily M - Registered RMT

I have been training at F.I.T. Academy for over 3 years! Scott, Liz and the team are unbelievably encouraging. When I am doubting myself they have this inexplicable ability to make me believe that I can and will succeed. If you are looking for professionals who are passionate, dedicated, educated and supportive, you must come and workout here!
— Amber A - Youth Councellor

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